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How to color the metal tag and logo?

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The purpose of coloring the metal tag and logo is to make the logo's graphics and layout form a sharp contrast, enhancing the sense of eye-catching and beautiful. Next is the introduction of the coloring method.

metal tag and logo

Here is the content list:

Hand coloring


Electrophoretic coloring

Hand coloring

Hand coloring is commonly known as painting, brushing, or drawing: filling in the recessed areas after etching with tools such as syringes, brushes, and bristles. This method was used in the past for medals and enameling processes. It is characterized by primitive processes, low efficiency, high workload, and requires skilled work experience. However, at present, this method still has a place in the marking process, especially those with logos and logos with many colors near them, and they are very close to each other. In this case, hand coloring is a good choice.


Labels are coated with a self-adhesive adhesive as a protective film against corrosion. After etching, the label can be cleaned and dried, and then painted over the recessed pictures and text. The equipment used for painting is an air machine and spray gun, but self-spraying paint can also be used. After the paint has dried, you can remove the adhesive protective film so that any excess paint sprayed on the adhesive will be removed naturally. For signs with photosensitive anticorrosive ink or silk-screened anticorrosive ink as the protective layer, the protective ink must be removed before painting, because the ink protective layer cannot be removed like the self-adhesive protective layer. The specific method is as follows: after etching the metal tag and logo, remove the anticorrosive ink with potion first → wash → after drying, spray the place that needs to be colored (i.e., the place with picture and text) evenly with a spray gun. Of course, the places that do not need to be sprayed will also be sprayed with paint, which requires the next process: scraping paint and polishing paint.

Scraping paint is to scrape the excess paint from the sign surface by using a sharp object such as a metal blade or hard plastic against the sign surface. Grinding paint is to uses sandpaper to grind off the excess paint. Generally, scraping and grinding are often used together. Spray painting is the most popular method in the metal tag and logo industry, as it is more efficient than hand painting. However, because of the general use of organic solvents to dilute the paint, when spraying serious atmospheric pollution, the staff is deeply affected, and more annoying is the later scraping and grinding paint is very troublesome, a careless will scratch the paint film, and then also manually repair. And after scraping paint also need to polish the surface of metal tag and logos, shading, baking light, so the industry is quite a headache and helpless.

Electrophoretic coloring

The working principle of electrophoresis is that the charged paint particles swim towards the electrode with the opposite charge under the action of electric current (rather like swimming, so it is called electrophoresis). The metalmark is immersed in the electrophoretic paint solution, and after being energized, the cationic paint particles move toward the cathode workpiece, and the anionic paint particles move toward the anode and are then deposited on the workpiece, forming a uniform and continuous coating film on the surface of the workpiece. It uses environmentally friendly electrophoretic paint, which is non-toxic and harmless, and uses water as a diluent, eliminating the need for spraying, spotting, and painting, and eliminating the headache of scraping, grinding, and polishing. Coloring speed, high efficiency, every 1 ~ 3 minute can be on a batch (a few pieces to dozens of pieces, on the electrophoretic paint metal tag and logos through the cleaning, baking paint film uniform bright, and very strong and not easy to lose color.

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