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Please provide us your designs together with size, quantity, material and another request, we will turn your designs in real.

The entire process of customized services usually includes three stages: pre-sales, sales, and after-sales.


Pre sales stage:

In the pre-sales stage, customers communicate and negotiate with us to determine their needs and expectations. This includes understanding the specific requirements of the client, designing and planning customized solutions, and providing relevant technical and business consulting. At this stage, we will have multiple communications with the client to ensure a clear understanding of customers' request.

Mid sale stage:

At this stage, we conduct specific customized development or production based on the needs and requirements of customers. This may involve material,product design, manufacturing processes, etc. We will maintain close communication with customers to ensure that customized services are carried out in accordance with their requirements and to promptly resolve any issues and changes that may arise.

After sales stage:

At this stage, we will provide shipment information to customers.We will track and resolve customer issues and feedback, and upgrade and improve as needed.



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