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How to use and maintain the patch?

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In today's society, clothes are rarely worn out, let alone patched. But patch clothes are now a fashion trend. Patch clothing is very simple, if the patch is then directly with the iron stick on it if the patch has no glue on the top side, then you have to use the sewing machine to do it up. Next is the introduction of the use and maintenance of the patch.


Here is the content list:

How to use

Maintenance method

How to use

Before repairing clothes, you need to prepare tools: patches, iron, towel. Find the broken clothes, see where the location of the broken, generally as long as it does not happen to be in the side seams and such places if the broken can be covered with a embroidery patch. Then put the patch on the bad place of the broken hole, lay a towel according to the color of the clothes, style, choose the style of cloth patch, now there are many online sales of cloth patches, there are various styles, must be based on the clothes to choose the cloth patch, to avoid cloth patch sewn to the clothes style does not fit, look strange. According to the patch, choose the color of the line, try to choose a color similar to the cloth patch, so that when sewn to the clothes, the line is not too obvious. After sewing on, you cannot see the sewing marks at all. Put the selected patch on the place where the clothes are broken, observe whether the selected patch is suitable for the style of clothes, will not be abrupt, sometimes in the broken place patch will show monotonous, then you can put a few more patches, adjust the placement until you are satisfied. Then put the patch on the bad place of the broken hole, lay a towel will iron open a bit, and then iron so that the patch can be pasted.

Maintenance method

Clothes should not be washed too often. Ironed patches are permanent, but over time they will begin to loosen. Be careful not to get your clothes too dirty, otherwise frequent washing may cause the pvc patch to come off. If you do need to wash your clothes, then hand wash them in cold water and then dry them naturally. Consider sewing up the edges of the patch with thread. To ensure that the patch does not fall off, you can use a sewing machine or needle and thread to secure the patch to the fabric. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of the patch falling off. Choose a sewing thread that matches the patch. Do not try to sew the edges of the transfer patch with thread.

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