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Photography Glitter Bunny Enamel Pin

Photography Glitter Bunny Enamel Pin

Photography Glitter Bunny Enamel Pin

A glitter enamel pin is a type of pin that is made with enamel and has glitter embedded in it. It is a popular accessory that can be attached to clothing, bags, or other items. The glitter adds a sparkling and eye-catching effect to the pin, making it stand out. Glitter enamel pins come in various designs and colors, allowing individuals to express their personal style and interests. They are often used as decorative items or as a way to show support for a cause or organization.

Product Advantages:

The advantages of glitter enamel pins include their eye-catching appearance, versatility, and durability.
1. Eye-catching appearance: Glitter enamel pins are designed to sparkle and catch the light, making them visually appealing and attention-grabbing. The glitter adds an extra dimension of shine and glamour to the pin, making it stand out among other accessories.

2. Versatility: Glitter enamel pins can be attached to various items such as clothing, bags, hats, or even displayed as decorative pieces. They can be used to personalize and accessorize different items, allowing individuals to express their unique style and interests.

3. Durability: Glitter enamel pins are made with high-quality materials, including enamel and metal. This makes them durable and long-lasting, able to withstand everyday wear and tear. The enamel coating also helps protect the pin from scratches and fading, ensuring that it retains its vibrant appearance over time.

Overall, glitter enamel pins offer a combination of style, versatility, and durability, making them a popular choice for personal expression and fashion accessories.

Product Parameters:

Product Type:
Custom soft /hard enamel pins
Iron / Brass / Copper / Zinc Alloy etc.
Shiny Gold/Silver/Nickel/Brass/Chrome/Anti plating/Matt plating/Dual plating etc.
As your request, Common size is 1/2"~ 5".
Soft Enamel / Synthetic Enamel / Hard enamel / Printing
Pantone card
Back Side:
Blank(sandblast) / Laser engraving / Engraving etc.
Design File:
Attachment :
Rubber/Butterfly clutch / Safty Pin/Jewelry/Dulex clutch/Cufflink/Magnet etc.
T/T , Western Union , PayPal , Alibaba
Shipping :
FedEx / DHL / UPS / TNT etc.

Bunny enamel pin





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