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What are the uses and usage of reflective lanyards?

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Reflective lanyards have a variety of uses and are commonly used in workplaces, schools, events, and sports venues to improve visibility and safety in low-light conditions. They are often worn by employees, students, volunteers, and participants to make them more visible to others. Reflective lanyards can be used for a variety of purposes, such as holding identification badges, keys, whistles, and other small items. They can also be used as promotional items or as part of a uniform. In addition, reflective lanyards can be used by emergency responders, such as police officers, firefighters, and paramedics, to make them more visible to drivers and pedestrians while they are working at night or in low-light conditions.

Here is the content list:

l Use

l How to use


Badge lanyard

A badge lanyard is some service window service institutions or large companies and enterprises to show their image is very common and common a way for people to identify the work unit and personnel object important carrier. Work lanyard in the choice of color mostly red, blue, yellow, blue-white is the ordinary staff, red for the class leader, yellow for the manager level characters, and the length of the work lanyard should be more appropriate in the navel position. The ID lanyard is mostly polyester lanyard.

Cell phone lanyard

Cell phone lanyard is hanging on the phone a decorative item, sometimes also have convenient to carry, prevent loss and other practical functions. In the choice of cell phone lanyard, the color can be selected according to the color of the cell phone, and the lanyard pattern can also be purchased according to their favorite. Used to hang cell phone rope belt is also can be used to hang cameras, MP4, U disk and other electronic products.

Jade pendant lanyard

General jade pendant lanyard in the choice, the color is mostly red, and the length of the lanyard in the chest above the line, should not be too long, and jade pendant lanyard in the thickness also has a certain degree of care, I think the jade pendant lanyard is not easy too thick.

How to use

Lanyard on our side is also very common to use, in business, in the company, in school and other places is the most common. Then we all know that the use of lanyards is generally hanging around the neck, to ensure that the documents tied to the lanyard are not so easy to lose. But some people just don't want to hang the lanyard on the neck, and directly in the hand, but then it will not play the role of our use of nylon lanyard. Because you will grab the lanyard in the hand then hanging on the neck is more likely to lose. So that for the sake of safety, we still need to hang the lanyard directly on the neck, so that is the correct use of nylon lanyard.

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