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What are the functions and applications of keychains?

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Keychains are exquisite, small and beautiful, and are an everyday item that people carry with them every day. The following is an introduction to the functions and applications of keychains.

embroidered keychains

Here is the content list:




Solve the zipper slipping problem

After wearing pants for a long time, the zipper head on the pants is broken, and the zipper always slides down automatically? What should you do when you encounter such a problem? Teach you a trick to solve the problem. Just prepare a key ring for the keychain. Then put the keyring into the zipper head of the pants to act as a zipper handle. Finally, pull up the zipper of the pants and fasten the key ring on the button of the pants to prevent the zipper from sliding down automatically.


Home inevitably uses paper clips or pins, but these small parts do not put good easy to lose how to do? The storage of these things only needs a keychain can be done. We just need to put a paperclip or pin through the keyring can be. This storage is not only beautiful and tidy, and saves space.


When you go out, whether men or women will carry a bag, but the backpack zipper in the back is easy to be opened how to do it? When you encounter such a problem, teach you a trick anti-theft tip. First, prepare a key ring. Then use the keychain to string the zipper head of the backpack together. This way a keychain will be able to lock the zipper of the backpack, solving many men and women who are troubled by the trouble. This method has a higher anti-theft factor than using pins or paper clips.

Save closet space

Whether at home or in the dormitory, the closet is too small no place to hang clothes how to do it? When you encounter such a problem, teach you a trick of storage tips. First, prepare a key ring. Then put the key ring on the top of the hanger. Finally, hang another hanger with clothes on it on top of the keychain. If the whole closet is stored in this way, then the closet space will be twice as much as the original, solving the troubles of many families.


Anime derivatives

Cartoon anime character images can be sold more deeply by making some keychains and other plastic craft gifts.

Personal items

Can be applied to personal items, personal accessories, many people like to get a keychain on their keys as a decoration, embroidered keychains are not only beautiful patterns, a variety of styles but also environmentally friendly. Leather keychains are divided into leather, imitation leather, PU leather, and other made of keychains. It is simpler and more low-profile, usually in the form of leather plus metal. A leather keychain is more resistant to wear and tear than the general keychain, so it is very suitable for personal items.

Tourism gifts

Some tourist attractions can be customized these keychains to show some of the characteristics of the site, many tourists to see these keychains believe that will also like them.

Exhibition gifts

Nowadays, there are more exhibitions, if you can give a embroidered keychains with your company logo in the exhibition, it should also achieve a good publicity effect.

Corporate souvenirs

Some companies can also customize keychains on anniversaries as corporate souvenirs. PVC keychain is also known as soft rubber keychain, the effect is diverse, can be made into flat, 2D three-dimensional, 3D three-dimensional, transparent, translucent, luminous, scented and other types can also be printed corporate logo patterns, mascots and other ideal gifts for corporate events. PVC keychain has the characteristics of soft, long life, cheap.

Conference gifts

Attend some meetings if you carry these keychains printed with your brand, more people will be able to understand you.

Stop worrying about losing your luggage and bags when boarding a flight using embroidered key chains. These key chains also work as great safety tags on the bags. You can personalize these key chains with your brand logos, advertising taglines, and promotions on both the front and back. Airlines might use embroidered key tags or embroidered keychains as an identifier to distinguish specific bags and travel luggage from regular luggage.

These embroidered keychains are a stylish approach for your pilots, air hostesses, teams, and VIP travelers to remind them of your brand name wherever they go! Let us help turn your vision into reality!  Do you have a car key loaded with keychains? You might have a souvenir of your vacation. Huisui International Industrial Ltd produces high-quality and popular keychains.We have professional quality control personnel in every production process support third-party inspection quality assurance.
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