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What are the roles of garment labels?

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When you buy new clothes cannot just look at the price and style, the woven label also hides a lot of mystery. The next is the introduction of the role of garment labels.

garment label

Here is the content list:

Look at the safety level

Look at the size model

Look at the washing mark

Look at the safety level

Class A is the infant textile products, that is, the age of 36 months and younger infants and children wearing or using textile products, such as diapers, high-grade underwear, pajamas, bedding, etc.

Category B is direct contact with the skin of textile products, that is when wearing or using, most of the product area is directly in contact with human skin textile products, such as shirts, T-shirts, skirts, pants, etc.

Category C is a textile product that is not in direct contact with the skin, that is, when worn or used, the product does not directly contact with human skin, or only a small part of the area directly in contact with human skin textile products, such as jackets, curtains, tablecloths, etc.

Look at the size model

If you use L, M, X, etc. to indicate the size, it is not in line with the standards, such products can only tell us that its manufacturers are not attentive, then the quality is difficult to let us trust again. The correct compliance of the garment label is to use the size table, such as "175/88A". The two numbers indicate height and chest and waist respectively, followed by the English letters indicating the body type. In China, the thin body type is indicated by Y, while A, B, and C indicate normal, fat, and fat respectively.

Look at the washing mark

Buy clothes to see the garment label of the washing mark labeling order. Washing symbols must be marked in the correct order of washing and drying, if the order is confusing, it indicates that the manufacturer is not very formal.

Basic washing symbol: it can have some variations, such as inserting a hand to indicate that it can be hand-washed, labeled with a temperature such as 30 ℃ to indicate that the water temperature must be controlled below this temperature.

Drying basic symbol: there are also several variations, which has " 丨 " line, indicating that it can be hung to dry, if it is " - " line, indicating that it should be dried flat, such as wool sweaters, if the drawing " O ", indicating that it can be dried in the reverse machine.

Ironing basic symbols: If you play " × ", it means you cannot iron.

Professional maintenance basic symbol: If there is a P in the circle, it means you can dry clean, if there is a letter W inside the fruit circle, it means you should choose professional wet cleaning, if you play " × " inside, it means you can't dry clean if there is nothing, it means you can dry clean and the dry-cleaning agent is not limited to type.

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